About Us

विश्वम विज्ञानं एवं

The Trust perform works of charity for those in need irrespective of race, caste, community or creed

The chief objective of the Trust is to set up and develop educational infrastructure that offers quality education at primary, secondary, higher and tertiary levels that confirms to global standards by establishing colleges, schools, and professional educational institutions without profit motive.

The Trust aims at initiating and promoting educational activities related to career and employment development like vocational training, skill based training, preparation for entrance, screening or competitive tests for both public and private services conducted by state, national and international agencies.

The Trust also aims to promote and foster education among socially backward and economically poor strata of the society by conferring scholarship to poor and deserving students in the form of financial grants to pay their tuition fees and other educational expenses

The Trust aims at engage in social activities aimed at improving the living conditions and empowerment of the poor and under privileged particularly of women, children, farmers and other working people irrespective of caste, creed, race and religion.


To Create the World Become a Knowledge Hub


We Have a Strategic Plan. It's Called "Hard Work"


विश्वम विज्ञानं एवं

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